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Dark Spirit Demonstration - Sound Effects to Nintendo
- BGM Sarutobi to Toshiro Masuda
- BGM Caramelldansen to Caramell
Digivolution 001 - Consept of Digimon to Bandai
- Song "Brave Heart" to Ayumi Miyazaki
IsC March - Song "Hell March 2" to Frank Klepacki
Flash applications
Kana learning 3.0 - Character art and conversations by: Akira Hasegawa author of Tsunami Channel.
Memory 2.0 This app contains the images from the anime and manga listed below:
- ranma 1/2
- History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
- Bleach
- Full Metal Panic
- Gon
It also contains Images from the following game:
League of Legends
The Battlers To Rage-The-Dragoon
Hentai joke - Mahoro to Bunjuro Nakayama
- Animation to Gainax
This list contains all the items on this site that I did not make myself.
Everything not listed here to me.